Sanddrift, Bonnievale

Western Cape

Con: 082 775 8737

 Ilse: 076 337 5407

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Stretch Tents


(Capacity: 150 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 20m
Colour: White

(Capacity: 125 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 17m
Colour: White


(Capacity:90 people seated at tables)



(Capacity: 75 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 10m

(Capacity: 50 people seated at tables)
Size: 12m x 8.5m
Colour: White

(Capacity: Bar tent / band stand)
Size: 6m x 7.5m
Colour: Off White

25 sqms (5m x 5m) - Ideal for shade and pre-drinks

300 sqms

White 300 sqms, Naked globes,fairy lights, 6mx6m dance floor


  • Fairy lights

We offer warm white fairy lights.

  • Naked Globes

Individual hanging globes with white cords and casing  

  • Suspended wooden trays with 5 naked globes

           13x available


  • Strings of globes

A string of globes used to supply lighting inside a stretch tent or outside

  • Vintage globes- strings

Strings of vintage globes can be used inside tent or outside

 Strings of globes inside tent                        Naked Globes                            Suspended wooden trays with                 Vintage globes string                                                                                                                                                                    naked globes

Dance floors

outside with fairy lights or under your stretch tent

(We do not supply marquees, but we do supply lighting for marquees- naked globes inside marquee- Tentmen)