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Stretch Tents


(Capacity: 150 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 20m
Colour: White

(Capacity: 125 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 17m
Colour: White


(Capacity:90 people seated at tables)



(Capacity: 75 people seated at tables)
Size: 15m x 10m

(Capacity: 50 people seated at tables)
Size: 12m x 8.5m
Colour: White

(Capacity: Bar tent / band stand/pre-drinks)
Size: 6m x 8.5m
Colour: White

25 sqms (5m x 5m) - Ideal for shade and pre-drinks

300 sqms

White 300 sqms, Naked globes,fairy lights, 6mx6m dance floor

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  • Fairy lights

We offer warm white fairy lights.

  • Naked Globes

Individual hanging globes with white cords and casing  

  • Suspended wooden trays with 5 naked globes

           13x available


  • Strings of globes

A string of globes used to supply lighting inside a stretch tent or outside

  • Vintage globes/Bistro lighting- strings

Strings of vintage globes can be used inside tent or outside

Black cords

 Strings of globes inside tent                        Naked Globes                            Suspended wooden trays with                 Vintage /bistro globes

                                                                                                                                      naked globes                                        

Dance floors

Outside with fairy lights or under your stretch tent

(We do not supply marquees, but we do supply lighting for marquees- naked globes inside marquee- Tentmen)

Generator- available for hire
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